About FunWay

FunWay is a game that combines fun, activity and educational activities. Bright and colorful stickers not only decorate the environment, but also invite children to have fun. FunWay captures the attention of little ones from afar, naturally drawing them into the game and encouraging them to move and spend time actively. The World Health Organization recommends that children be active for at least 60 minutes a day, so FunWay is an ideal choice for integrating more physical movement into various activities or free time between them.

Kindergartens, day care centers, educational institutions, shopping centers – FunWay will color any space. Easily adapted to different room sizes, the games can be stuck both on the floor and on the walls, and upon special request we can make stickers for outdoor use as well. Our games not only foster children’s physical activity, but also develop their social skills and encourage cooperation and healthy competition.

The idea of this kind of games was born during conversations with specialists, when we realized the need for such a product while discussing the importance of children’s physical activity. So, by combining long experience in the field of printing and design and the knowledge of educators, FunWay has seen the world! As children spend more and more time in front of the screens of smart devices and their physical activity has drastically decreased, the most important task for us as adults is to find ways to encourage the little ones to move more actively. Lead these missions and bring you FunWay.

To a healthy, playful and active childhood together with FunWay!